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Maxwell Pools Inc understands the importance of quality products and services at an affordable price in this slowly rebounding economy.

Check out the list below for products and services that may be of help.


Inground Pool Sales And Installations

Above Ground Pools.

Coleman Hot Tubs.

Patio Pool 




Robotic Cleaners (Authorized Dolphin Dealer and Repair station)

Salt Generators


Safety Covers

Pool Lights


Maintenence Equipment

Pool Season Chemicals (Authorized Dealer)

Pump Motors

Parts(We understand that even the smallest inexpensive part can shut you down)


EZ Pool Chemicals (Authorized Dealer) EZ Pool is a product that provides you with crystal clear water with simple once a week application. It's all in one bucket.


Water Testing

We have computerized testing Labs(Lamotte Spin Lab & Express Lab)


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